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Cam Tool Install Instructions





First make sure your motorcycle has cooled down enough to work safely. Rotate the engine to Top Dead Center. You will be able to tell by the use of the site window on the alternator cover. Use the tool that attaches to the crank end under the alternator small cover or rotate by using the clutch assembly. You should remove the spark plugs first as this will make rotation easier.

Remove the timing belt covers. This tool will only be needed on the vertical cylinder. That is the one closest to the rear on the motorcycle.

Single Cam Tool: Remove the cover on the adhesive strip. Slid the tool into the cam gear teeth. Push the tool until it contacts the head. Remove the belt. To remove the cam tool pull on the white adhesive tab. Pull slowly and evenly. Torque the belt tension to the factory settings.

Twin Cam Tools: Slide the cam tool between the two gears. Before you remove the old belt use a marker and mark the old belt at the timing marks on the cam gears. This will aid when installing the new belts to insure proper timing line up.

Once you have installed the new belts remove the cam tool.

Torque the belt tension to the factory settings.

Always wear eye protection when working on your motorcycle. Practice safety at all times.

I would suggest watching an online video on the belt change procedure. They are easy to find and very helpful.

Warranty for all tools: Two years from date of purchase.
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