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Ducati Clutch Tool Use

Thank you for your purchase. At Thomas Performance Parts we take great pride in our products and hope they serve you well during the life span of the tool.


Start by removing the motorcycle clutch cover, pressure plate and clutch pack. Now slide the clutch tool from the front onto the hub. Once on the hub turn until the fingers of the basket align with the slotted holes in the tool. Slide the tool until it contacts the engine case using the bolt holes at 3 and 6 o’clock. These are the short bolts.  Torque the bolts until snug. Don’t over torque. This tool makes use of the bolts shear strength so the holding bolts only have to hold the tool flat against the case. Remove the large nut holding the hub. Remove the tool and hub. Reattach and remove the basket bolts.

Reassembly will be the reverse process. When you reassemble use the manufacturer’s torque specifications. During disassemble you may have to use an air powered tool or long bar to loosen the large nut holding the hub. This is common as age and heat and cooling cycles of the engine may fuse the large nut in place. If you are reusing the clutch pack always disassemble and reassemble in the same order.


Always wear eye protection when working on your motorcycle. Practice safe procedures and inspect all parts for excessive wear or defects before reusing. Enjoy your riding.


Warranty for all tools:

Two years from date of purchase.







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