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Ducati Clutch Tool
Ducati Clutch Tool for All Dry Clutch Engines 1985 to Current


How Did We Improve on The Best Clutch Tool Design In 30 Years?

We Made it Stronger


Our New 5/8 Inch Thick Tool is Up To 40% Stronger Than The ½ Inch Tool Others Sell.


Fits all Dry Clutch Engines 1985 to 2012. High-Quality you can count on at an Affordable Price. I designed this tool three years ago to solve major problems with the factory tool. Ease of Use and ability to do the job properly.


The factory tool uses the foot peg as a stop when disassembling the clutch. During reassembly you must hold the factory tool and your toque wrench at the same time pulling against each other. The center hub nut torque is 145 foot-pounds. This is almost imposable to install correctly without a lot of practice.


Others make metallic tools that bolt to the case and stop rotation. This would be fine if it didn’t destroy the factory anodizing on the case surface. The case finish is only 5(Mils) thick. More than enough to stop corrosion but not very hard to grind off. With the intense rotation under torque the finish is destroyed.


We pioneered what we call Soft Touch Technology. Our tools won’t scratch or gouge the factory finish of your motorcycle. This is applied to all our tools where needed. We strongly believe that selling parts or tool that cause damage to your Motorcycle is worse than selling nothing at all. Look for the Soft-Touch Logo it is our promise to you.


Our tool holds the clutch assembly completely still while the work is being completed. This is very important for correct alignment of the clutch drive assembly. You will have complete control when you torque the center nut.  


Your new clutch tool will easily withstand many cycles of use. We also offer after sale support. If you have any questions or need help with your project we will be there to help.

We stand behind your products with a Two Year Warranty.


Your New Clutch Tool will come complete with Mounting Bolts and Full Instructions. 




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