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Thomas Performance Parts T48 Ducati Clutch Tool
Thomas Performance Parts Ducati T48 STM Clutch Tool

 This is the only Bolt on Tool that will disassemble an OEM stock clutch (12 Tab) and reassemble a STM Clutch with a T48 basket (48 Tab). One tool to complete the job. The STM assembly tool costs $172.00 Dollars. You would still need a tool to disassemble your stock clutch. That’s another $40.00 Bucks. This was developed with help from a customer and rider from Canada. This tool is cut from both sides. It can’t be made in one cut.  The picture shown is the back and front of the same tool. You will receive only one tool.

This tool keeps your clutch hub and basket motionless during disassembly and reassembly. Made from Solid Non-Marring Delrin Plastic. This tool can be bolted to your clutch case without worry of scratching or gouging the factory finish. Also won’t harm the surface of your new Aluminum Basket and Hub.


You may think this can be done many ways to achieve the same result. This is not true. This tool is CNC Machined to exactly match your clutch components. Using two holding bolts to spread torque load (mounting bolts included with tool).


 Won’t allow misalignment when installing new clutch. This tool is easy to install and remove for Hub and Basket. By using two screws this tool won’t flex when torque is applied to center nut causing damage or failing to torque properly.

The center nut holding your clutch together is torqued to 145 pound. That is 145 pounds at 12 inches. From the center of your clutch to the mounting bolts is 4 inches. That is 435 pounds at the hold down bolts. Your case was not designed for lateral load. It was designed to hold your clutch cover on. That can be accomplished  with a very small amount of torque. This is why I use two bolts instead of one. It’s not just the thought of snapping the hold down bolt. It’s ruining the engine case. If you use a tool with only one bolt it will have a strong twisting action applied to the case area it is attached to. When you torque the center bolt two things happen. First the tool that started out straight is now bent under the torque load misaligning it. Causing damage to the clutch basket and hub. Second is the grinding effect form the tool on the case. It grinds its way through the anodizing exposing the raw Aluminum to corrosion.

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