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Laser Wheel Alignment Tool Magnetic Base
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Laser Alignment Tool designed for Street Motorcycles using a Sprocket Drive System. Magnetic Base Works with all Steel Sprockets ( No Tools Needed to Mount)

When you buy an alignment tool for your motorcycle should you be required to guess if it works?

Restore the same Factory Performance your new motorcycle came with using our Laser Alignment tool.

 What riders lacked was a way to align the motorcycle drive line with the same precision that the factory built into the design. Until now perfect alignment was always a guess. Thomas Performance Parts has the solution that will allow exact and reliable alignment in under five minutes.

 I bring this to your attention, because our Laser Alignment Tool is the only one on the market today that doesn’t require guessing. Our tool is the only tool that allows you to align it to the center of the rear sprocket by using spacers.  Others give you a one size fits all when they should know that a 510 chain is narrower than a 520 or 530.

How does our alignment system work?

We used two fixed points in the drive line that all motorcycles have. The drive sprocket or pulley, and the wheel sprocket or pulley.

The Thomas Performance Parts Rear Wheel Laser Alignment tool uses the factory adjustments. Simply attach the Laser Tool, turn it on and instantly see where your wheel alignment is. Turn the factory adjusters and the alignment is done.

We designed three different mounting bases. There is no one size fits all in performance. The Magnetic base is for Steel Sprockets where space to mount is limited. The magnets simply hold the alignment base to the sprocket. The Clamp base works on Aluminum Sprockets where it is mounted through holes or cut outs in the sprocket. The Pulley Base is used for belt drive systems where the belt edge is used.

Why is this important?

The motorcycle was assembled using a fixed program. In that all its parts are designed to work together in a straight line. The frame, swingarm and rear wheel are all in a fixed line. This allows power from the engine to be put to the ground in a controlled straight line.

When the rear wheel sprocket is not in line with the drive sprocket the motorcycle is not being propelled as designed.  See Diagram

The rear wheel will push the motorcycle in the direction it is pointed. You may think that small amounts of radial misalignment wouldn’t cause a problem, but it’s not where the wheel sits in the swingarm, its where the tires contact the ground. Most street motorcycle have 60 inches between where the tires contact the ground. If you have only a 1/8 misalignment in the axel it equates to 7/8 inches of misalignment at the tire contact points.

This may seem extreme, but it is very common. Alignment without a proper tool is mostly a guess. You use marks punched into the swingarm that for the most part is not accurate enough to do the job right.

Misaligned rear wheel will cause:

  • Uneven driveline ware and premature failure of the driveline
  • Excessive Chain, Sprockets and Belt Assembly wear
  • Primary drive and wheel bearings failure
  • Unpredictable handling in turns
  • Uneven tire ware
  • Uncontrollable side slide under heavy acceleration
  • Uncontrollable side slide under breaking

Safety Designed into The Motorcycle Drive Line

What does this mean?

The motorcycle manufacturer draws on years of racing experience to guide the street or off-road motorcycles designs they make. Years of development go into new designs. The cost to change is very high and many variables are taken into consideration. Performance, handling and safety are driving issues for the manufacturer.

The factory is a state-of-the-art assembly facility. All aspects of the motorcycle are looked at with great care.

The manufacturer knows that small misalignments can have a catastrophic effect on the motorcycle. Frames and subcomponents are built in jigs to assure proper alignment and fit. Spacers and bearings are aligned to center the motorcycle driveline components, so it will be safe and achieve high performance.

Suspension design is a major issue with manufacturers. Why have a high-performance drive line when the motorcycle is unsafe to ride? Today’s suspension is a marvel of engineering. Only a few years behind a full race motorcycle. Electronics coupled with high end deigns allows handling that even 10 years ago would only be a dream.

The idea of wheel alignment in cars is a common thing, but motorcycles have been left out of the process. Why? Because there has been no easy, reliable and precise tool for this until now.   

All international Customs Duty including VAT will be the responsibility of the purchaser.


Warranty Two Years from date of purchase. Warranty doesn't cover batteries.

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