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Thermal Conductive Table Two Station

Thomas Performance Parts Thermal Conduction Heat Table

You might wonder what is the hardest thing in processing Medicinal and Essential Oils?

You can easily find a Vacuum Chamber and Pump.

You can easily find solvents.

You can easily find pans, glass tubes and filters.

You can easily find videos to show the process.

What you can’t find easily is a low priced digitally controlled heat source.

 Until Now.

You have tried hot plates and water baths. Used layers of towels to moderate the high heat hot plates use. What you haven’t had is a stable and controlled heat source. Hot plates use up to 1500 Watts. This can make your temperature change increase 60F degrees in seconds. Also the standard heat control in a hot plate has no Calibration and will even change as the hot plate heats up.

You could spend $600.00-$1,000.00 Dollars on a lab grade heat source for a table with this size footprint. 

What separates a mediocre product from Great Product?

What is the cost of your time and raw materials?

Our new Digitally Controlled Thermal Conduction Heat Table uses our Patent Pending heat system. Precise heat control makes a huge difference in your finished product.

Works with any Chamber Material. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Polymer and Glass.

Heat control to within plus or minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit at all temperatures.

Rugged design and low power consumption.

Works with Chambers up to 12 inches in diameter.

Lab Grade heat source at a fraction of the Lab Cost.

Now a word on the vacuum vessel material. Most people don’t consider the material to play a major function in how well the chamber works. Most sellers have no clue either. Here is the reason we only use Aluminum. When you heat a vessel if will spread heat through it’s walls and into your product. Some materials work better than others. I have included a Thermal Conductivity Table so you may understand how materials affect your product. The higher the number the better the material will conduct heat.

Thermal Conductivity - k - W/(m.K)


Temperature - oC










Stainless Steel






As you can see Aluminum is the best conductor of heat of all the materials. 13 times better than Stainless Steel and 190 times better than glass. This is why Stainless and Glass Chambers have hot and cold spots. With this uneven heat you will never produce a consistent quality product. 

Now our Competition

Some inexperienced seller’s now offer a claimed induction vacuum chamber that uses the NuWave Induction Cook Top.

These paragraphs are taken from the NuWave Induction Cook Top Manual.

Fast Cooking: Heating is immediate and temperature is precise with the

NuWave PIC. Features 6 different temperature settings that are adjustable in

10 degree increments. There’s no guessing!

Now the Problem. Their lowest setting is 100F. The next heat level is 110F. Your temperature sizes in 10-degree increments. There is no way to obtain an intermediate temperature. Your processing temperature is either too low or too high.

Energy Conservation: By using only 1300 watts, the NuWave PIC conserves

up to 90% of the energy wasted by traditional gas or electric stovetops. The

monthly savings on utility bills alone will pay for the appliance.

Do not place empty cookware on the induction cook top while it is functioning.

An empty piece of cookware will heat up very rapidly and can cause material damage

or personal injury.

Scientific tests have proven that induction cook tops do not pose a risk to health.

However, persons with a pacemaker should keep a minimum distance of two feet from

the NuWave PIC while it is operating. Those who use oxygen should also remain a

safe distance from induction cook tops. And as an added safety precaution, aerosol

(spray) products should not be used in proximity to the PIC.

Do not place magnetized objects like credit cards, cell phones etc. on the glass

surface while the induction cook top is in operation. The magnetic properties of the unit

can damage these items.

In order to avoid overheating, do not place aluminum foil, unopened cans or metal

plates on the cooking surface. Foil may bond to the induction cook top exterior.

Remember the New Wave is a Cook Top not a Thermal Heat Table.

It’s too bad the seller never read the instructions before offering this unusable product. 

Single Stage Heat Table

Dual Stage Heat Table has Two Controllers in case you want to run different Chamber temperatures

Three Stage Heat Table has Three Controllers.

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