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Use of Sport and Dirt Motorcycle Alignment Laser
Here you can see all the parts of the Sport and Dirt Motorcycle Laser.
They are Laser Unit, Base, Clamp, Washer Shims, Laser Holding Nuts, Hold Down Wing Nut with Washer.
Here you see the Laser Base mounted through the slot cutout in the sprocket.
Notice the alignment arrow on the Laser. It must be centered to align the wheel properly.

You can see I used two washers per side (included) to shim the Laser so  the center marks are centered on the sprocket. I also moved the Laser to the highest point on the Base. When the motorcycle is off the ground the swing-arm will drop to it's lowest point. Moving the Laser to the highest point on the Base allows the beam to clear the frame.
Note: When using shims use the same number per side to keep the Laser straight.
Rotate the wheel forward to see the Laser beam run down the chain. As you can see the Laser beam is not centered on the chain or counter shaft sprocket.
Loosen the axle nut and alignment adjusters so the wheel can be moved side to side. Move the wheel to align the Laser. Check the play in the chain. Using both adjusters evenly move the wheel until the chain play is correct. Using the adjusters make adjustments until the wheel is centered and the Laser Beam is in the center of the counter shaft sprocket. 
View From Behind The Laser
Tighten the axle nut. Then check and tighten the adjusters so they won’t become loose. Check alignment one last time to make sure nothing has moved. Remove the Laser. Your wheel is now fully aligned.
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