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Thermal Table Instructions


Thermal Heat Table Digital Temperature

Controller Programming


Thermal Heat Table’s heat controls. Always work in a safe environment.

Start by plugging in the power cord. You will see the Digital Output light up. The readout will show the ambient temperature of the room you are in.

    Programming: Start by pressing the Set button for 3 seconds. The control will enter programming mode. It will scroll through HC,CP,LA,HA,PU,CA. We will be using the HC,CP and CA modes.

Scroll to the HC mode using the up and down arrow keys press the SET button. Using the lower arrow key change from HC to H for heat mode. Press the RST button to enter the selection. The controller has a heat range from ambient temperature to +194 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Next using the up and down arrow keys scroll to CP. This is the heat differential switch. It is set at 1 degree. If you want to increase the temperature differential us the up and down keys to program. This will restart the heating cycle when the temperature drops by 1 degree. Set selection using the RST button.

    Now using the CA function. This will correct the difference between the Digital Readout and the true Chamber Base temperature. Bring the Chamber to temp and check with a Digital Laser Temperature Gauge. You can program the difference into the controller. Scroll to Ca. Push the set button. Using the up and down arrow keys adjust the Digital Controller. Set using the RST button.

   Now place your vessel on the heat table. Allow five minutes for the vessel to temperature. Place a piece of paper tape in the bottom of your vessel. This will aid in finding the temperature. Most reflective thermometers will bounce off a metal or glass surface and give a false reading. The thermal variance of the controller can only handle a 10 Degree difference. You will have to account for the temperature difference by raising the controller temperature to obtain the proper vessel temperature. What this means is if your table temperature reads 110F but your vessel temperature is 90F you will need to increase the controller temperature 20 degrees to 130F to maintain the proper vessel temperature. Don’t use a fan on your degassing vessel. This will greatly inhibit the stabilization of the vessel temperature.

   The table surface has been coated with a Urethane sealant. Clean the table surface with a glass cleaner. Never use solvents to clean the Thermal Heat Table. No maintenance required other than cleaning. Never submerge the Heating Table in a liquid.

   The power source is 120 Volts AC maximum 50-60 cycles. Single Element 80-Watts

Double Element 160-Watts Triple Element 240-Watts Quad Element 320-Watts current use.

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